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Like scalp wigs, grids knots hide skin based shades
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How to use Lace Wig Grid and Knot Concealer Eraser Sealer and healer

Now that you have purchased your Like Scalp product/products let’s get you looking flawless. 


  1. Choose a concealer that matches your skin shade, or add your own makeup to finish off with a perfect match. You can also blend two shades and match your skin tone.
  2. Flip your lace wig upside down on a Foam or Mannequin head. Secure the wig firmly to the foam/mannequin head with pins. Avoid the wig being loose because the concealer may seep into the hair.
  3. Apply very little hair oil at the edge of the foundation of your wig.
  4. Place a paper to get clear pattern sign to cut. After cutting first pattern, use the first pattern to cut the tape, which is in your concealer pack we sent you. You need to cut that only cover the areas you will apply concealer. Tape should not go out! 
  5. Choose a concealer that matches your skin shade, or add your own makeup to finish off with a perfect match. You can also blend two shades and match your skin tone.
  6. We highly recommend to use it without warming it. If you found it hard, Place the tube into hot water for a minute or use dryer blow to warm it up. 
  7. Apply the soften concealer to the area of your choice area, gently press and apply until you reach your desired coverage. You will see it dries so quickly and does not stuck in the finger or your head. Please apply little. 18ml is for enough for 30 time makeup. 
  8. Now take the tape pattern you have already cut. Its extremely thin and lightest and most flexible tape ever. Take the tape out very carefully and place it on the area you have applied concealer. This tape sticks only on concealer material. This is reusable. When you would like to wash your wig, keep the tape safe place and you can use it again.
  9. Give a little touch up to settle the materials went through the wig holes.
  10. Now flip your wig and fix. For a flawless finish to your wig styling and to eliminate any concealer that may be on the hair you will need very little oil to remove it. You can use any hair oil.
  11. Give a little touch up of your skin shade foundation for making it look perfect match.


These are our tested recommendations. However, we strongly believe our customers may think of better ways to use it. If you find other ways that work better than what we suggest, please write us and we will publish your suggestions with your name on our website and send you a gift.

Like Scalp Growth Oil

Like Scalp Oil grows and protect your hair under your wig. On it’s own or as a finishing touch to your lace wig application drop a few drop to the area of your lace wig you have applied the concealer, not only will like scalp oil give you a flawless look to your unit but it will protect , strengthen and grow your hair under your unit

Like Scalp Glue

To seal your wig effortlessly use our very own Like Scalp Glue, our glue  has been used in the theater and film industry for many years. Our ingredients are safe and natural. this glue will not damage your hair and will protect your own hair under your lace wig.

Simply apply with the wand a moderate amount of glue to your desired area let the glue sit for a minute until the glue becomes tacky, apply your lace wig to the glue area with a light press until your lace wig becomes firmly affix to your scalp. Like Scalp Glue will hold your lace wig firmly all day without shifting 

Removing Your Wig

How do you get a full lace wig off? To remove a lace wig ,using a cotton ball dabs alcohol or using a bottle, sprays the alcohol on the edge of the hair system.

With Like Scalp Glue you can use shampoo/soap and water to remove, keep on  for 5 minutes then gently remove the lace wig from the hairline. Remember  if you feel any tugging on the hairline during the lifting process, repeat the steps outlined above. Your unit should come off with ease

Removing Like Scalp Concealer From Your Wig

Like scalp concealer stays intact for multiple washes because the product is water, however if the goal is to remove the concealer, apply your favourite shampoo to the area you wish to remove the concealer from, run under warm water for a few minutes until you see the concealer lifting, keep running water  until all the concealer melts away condition and style as usual.

If you wear a wig daily, washing it twice a month is sufficient to ensure hair remains bouncy and fresh-looking for as long as possible. But if you only wear a wig once in a while, a once-a-month wash will suffice. Never wash wigs more than twice in any given month, or you can risk damaging the unit and shortening its lifespan.

We thank you for choosing like Scalp product and your feedback and comments are greatly help us to improve our products. Please make a little time and kindly send us your precious feedback and comment. Thank You So Much!