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100% Cork Canvas Head For Wigs Maniquins Head Doll Seamless Heads For Hair Styling Training Cork Canvas Block Head 21-24Inch

Package Contain: one pcs cork canvas head, 2pcs stocking caps, 50pcs 38cm Tpins

Design: PLUSSIGN Canvas Block Head is made of 100% cork, professionally designed according to human’s head shape, you could make wig easily and never worry about your wig out of shape.

Usage: This professional head is designed for hair experts or salon. You could put pins and hold wigs easily. It will be the great choice if you are looking for a durable and professional head.

Size: Height–10″, Color–Light brown, We offer head circumference sizes from 21″-24″, please check picture for size instruction and get your proper size.

Advantage: Compared with poly filled canvas head, cork canvas head is more sturdy and upscale. It can be held steadily on tripod mannequin stand,even on table.

Brand: Top-Rated Canvas Block Head in the market. We sell PLUSSIGN canvas cork head for years and have a lot of faithful fans, purchase with confidence, free feel to check out adorable reviews.

Get Discount: we return 2usd for the order who leave all five star feedback with pictures. 8.Notice: we provide best service for each order in our store. any problem please contact with us first.



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