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Long Hair Gummies – Anti-Hair Loss Supplement for Fast Hair Growth

(10 customer reviews)

About this item

GROW LONG HAIR FAST – Support the growth of long, thick, beautiful hair with NutraPro’s cherry-flavored hair gummies.

RESTORE THINNING HAIR – Prevent hair loss by stimulating hair regrowth for both men and women with Long Hair growth products.

HAIR SUPPLEMENT – Unlike other vitamins that claim to help your skin and nails, this advanced formula focuses exclusively on enhancing hair health.

SAFE AND SOUND – Choose all-natural, non-GMO hair vitamins formulated and bottled in a GMP-approved facility.

NUTRAPRO’S PROMISE – Love your Long Hair gummy vitamins, or access your 120- day money-back guarantee! For best results, NutraPro recommends a 3-month supply of Long Hair.


10 reviews for Long Hair Gummies – Anti-Hair Loss Supplement for Fast Hair Growth

  1. MinneJoTa

    On my second bottle so thought I am now qualified to give an objective review on product effect on hair growth. I am very pleased and thrilled to say that my hair is significantly fuller and longer than when I started the gummies; the little baby hairs around my face are now almost 3 inches long and aren’t baby hairs anymore – more like tween hairs 😁 The gummies are delicious and are a great value; I highly recommend.

  2. Jazzy

    Yes!!!. It does work I have taken a whole month one bottle of long hair gummies. I’ve noticed results after 2 1/2 weeks after showering no hair clogging up the drain, less shedding/split ends, 50% less hair thru my fingers and brushes. I was getting a receding hairline my baby hair along the edges of my hairline I was losing I could part my hair and notice thinning badly. Not sure why maybe stress and life. I’m 37, I have chemical treated bioracial hair. (Color, highlights, bleach to a level 11-12, relaxers) my hair was very weak.After taking long hair gummies I saw my hair growing back no receding hairline it was like magic for real straight up!!. I’m all smiles!!! My hair is stronger now less breakage the thinning spots in my hair are growing thicker. I wish I would’ve save before and after pics to encourage everyone who maybe thinking of buying these vitamins.The taste and flavor are not bad at all chewy and sticky on your teeth… Sometimes I just hold them in my mouth and let them soften-up Reminds me of the candy “DOTS” A fresh box. But worth the results any day.Price is alright…. I wish everything was free but if I’m having results in just 2 1/2 weeks no brainier I want to see after taking 2 bottles of long hair gummies and I’ll leave another review.

  3. Kaitlyn

    I absolutely love these. I’ve always struggled with getting the baby hairs on my head to grow but I’ve noticed so much more regrowth of my baby hairs and they are growing so fast! I cut my hair about 6 months ago and it was to my shoulders, I’ve taken these ever since I cut it, and now my hair is getting close to my chest! I take 2 per day, every day. I love the flavor of these so much. I think that they taste kinda like berries. I probably wouldn’t recommend these for those who are young children or who have struggles with chewing because they can be a little sticky on your teeth, but for those who are older this shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve never had any issues with delivery and they always ship super fast! I’ve had a great experience with these, but everyone is different. I’d highly recommend giving them a try if you are considering it!

  4. Edwards

    I was very nervous this wouldn’t work for me. Nothing ever does…. I will say this product is amazing! I got my hair cut about a month ago. Lost a inch and a half. 2 weeks I have been taking this product and my hair has almost grown grown that inch and a half back. I know doesn’t seem like much but it so is! I will be ordering again! My goal is to grow my hair so I can cut it and donate to kids with cancer. With the results I’m seeing I might be able to grow my hair out at least once a year to donate it! Do keep in mind everyone is different so you might not see as high of a result as I am but know this product is well worth it’s money!

  5. Tonya motley

    Love these. This is my 5th time buying. My hair has grown a lot. Even my friends have made comments. They are yummy and really work for me. My hair is to the middle of my back now. I have referred some friends and clients (I’m a hairdresser) to buy these. I eat well, lots of fresh choices, exercise and take care of my hair. But I can tell these long hair gummies have really helped! Thanks guys !

  6. Beca Cruz

    Great tasting. Great smell. Easy to eat. No after taste. Notice a lot less losing hair when brushing and showering. Also I notice volume in my hair. Love it!

  7. Shameca

    There’s nothing I dislike about this product, I love the fact that these gummies are small and chewy, they have a very good flavor/taste. Since starting the gummies I can definitely tell a different in my hair…plus they don’t leave that after taste in your mouth..

  8. Tay

    I was skeptical about how fast these would make my hair grow but the reviews seemed pretty good. So I ordered. I got them and started taking one a day. My hair actually slowly started to grow then I read that youre supposed to take 2 a day. So I have been taking 2 every night at bed time. Im on the start of my second bottle and my hair has grown THREE INCHES! Yall i swear by this stuff and wont stop til my hair is where I want it! Plus they taste like candy. 🙌🙌🙌 (my first pic was taken in January and the second was taken in March 2020 just for reference) my hair has NEVER been this long in my entire life!

  9. Gretel

    The gummies are tasty and easy to swallow. I’ve only been taking a few weeks, but I believe I will see significant progress in my hair, as my nails are growing at an accelerated rate. I look forward to a tangible transformation in my tresses! The company also provides top notch customer service!

  10. Amazon Customer

    I’ve been struggling with my hair for over a year. It breaks, falls out, and just looked terrible. I bought these vitamins 2 months ago and have been taking them every day. THEY WORK! My hairdresser was at my house last week and she said my hair is the best it has looked in years. AND, it’s growing. She said I have new growth coming in the front of my forehead and she didn’t even have to trim my hair because it wasn’t frayed or broken at all. I’m not sure what is in these, but they really work for me! So happy!

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