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Aunt Jackie's Knot On My Watch Instant Leavein Detangling Shea Butter and Olive Oil

(10 customer reviews)
  • Sulfate-free, paraben-free
  • Eliminates knots and tangles
  • Eliminates knots and tanglesoil. For natural, colis and waves
  • Hair type: Long and short


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12 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), 15 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), 16 Ounce, 18 Ounce


Knot On My Watch, Oh So Clean, Quench, In Control

10 reviews for Aunt Jackie’s Knot On My Watch Instant Leavein Detangling Shea Butter and Olive Oil

  1. Evelyn Rolon

    The best yet, and I’ve tried many others and this one leaves my hair very curly, no freeze, dries quick, and smells awesome!! I recently colored my hair and it still left it very curly and healthy looking! 5stars plus more ! 🙌🏼❤️

  2. Queenofthehouse

    Summer is here and like every summer, my already dry brittle hay-like ends and edges are even dryer.🙄Usually I get my hair cut at the start of the season and deep conditioning treatments at the salon to counteract the dryness and keep my ends from breaking off, but salons are closed which has left my hair…struggling.Thus far my regular hair care treatments that work in the cooler months have only marginally worked and a small chunk of my ends in the middle of my hair has already broken off( see picture ) so for the past few months I have been frantically buying hair stuff Amazon on the hunt for a hair care system that works.I finally stumbled upon this line and I LOVE it!The Quench is my favorite.My hair has never felt softer, it’s not frizzy, or greasy 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 and it really helped to bring out the natural curl pattern in my edges and the looser waves in the rest of my hair that I generally have to wrangle into submission with rollers to control the frizz and shrinkage. There is less shrinkage when it air dries and my hair was instantly a lot longer as well!My ends are soft and moisturized and my hair in general is full with lots of body but it’s so much more tame.Also almost no hair fall or breakage has occurred when combing wet or dry since using!😮This is shocking because I have a TON of hair and for my whole life every time I’ve combed it my comb is FULL of hair, but not any longer.🥰I decided to try pretty much everything in this line for my hair type after using the deep conditioning treatment and so far I am absolutely over the moon with all of the products I’ve tried.As per usual I’m gonna tell you how I used the products and what I did to get my hair to look like the pictures, so if you just want to know if I like it and it worked for me, I definitely do! and it did! and you need read no further🤓If you want the additional skinny, keep reading!I shampoo my hair as I usually do with L’Oréal’s sulfate free thickening shampoo ( No matter what poo I try, I always come back to this one because it gets my hair and scalp clean and leaves my hair soft and not tangled ), then I work a generous handful of Aunt Jackie’s Fix my Hair or In control conditioner into my tresses and twist my hair into a lose bun tangles and all. I cover my head for 2 hours if using the Fix my hair and 5 mins if using the conditioner , then I comb through it with a wide tooth comb to get the tangles out. Super easy to comb btw, no breakage! I then use a rat tail comb to comb the treatment through only the scalp because my hairs get super dry and frizzy there as well***I have 3 b edges that turn bone straight, then gradually grow into 2b/c as the hair gets longer ***I use a nail brush to smooth down my edges, add a bit more of the conditioner to my ends then wash. I comb in 6 -7 quarter sized drops of AJ’s quench ( has great slippage!)through my hair and it feels smooth and soft.I let it air dry then apply curl -la-la throughout and put it into two braids pinned to my head to sleep if I want smaller waves, and up in a very high bun if I want bigger soft loose curls. I roll it in foam rollers if I want a tighter more curled vintage look.My go to no fuss quarantine mainstay atm is usually down after having it in a braid overnight, then I put AJ’s Curl la la in my hair to define the waves and on the ends of the waves that have straightened because of the braid so that my hair looks more polished at the ends.Notice how much more shiny it is after sleeping in the braids compared to when it air dried!😮If it’s hot, I wear it up in braids with a scarf weaved through like the picture shows.Usually by day 5 my hair is dry at the ends and edges yet somehow also greasy, but after using this product line, it’s still shiny and bouncy like day 1!I do not use heat on my hair because it makes it angry,so what ya see is what ya get after it dries and I do no heat stuff to it.At this point in the summer season I have abandoned all my other hair care treatments except for my L’Oréal shampoo and jojoba for a little extra shine, and have opted to use Aunt Jackie’s exclusively!We’ll see what winter brings…🤔This a 5 star product and I would definitely give the whole line of products a try, especially since they seem to have a product for every hair type.🥳You can also get it at Target if they run out on Amazon.😘

  3. Ezrah_le

    First of all as you can see I have very tight curls . I have also been blonde 3 times and I had a huge problem finding a product that would moisturize and soften curls throughout the day and I have finally found it. First off, THE SMELL IS AMAZING! Everytime I go to class I have classmates literally telling me they look foward to me sitting next to them because of how awesome my hair smells. Lastly, this product does EVERYTHING it claim. It defines , softens and moisturizes my curls without the oily gressy look. The tip is USE A QUARTER SIZE FROM MID SECTION OF YOU HAIR TO THE ENDS I use a denman brush to distribute product evenly..Too much product of any kind will way the hair down. But i absolutely love it. You wont be disappointed!

  4. K Graham

    I do not normally review products … but OMG!! I am so glad that I tried this despite the mixed reviews !!! My daughter is 11 .. and wants her hair straight often … look at the difference with this leave in vs her other leave in !!!!!! Completely amazing!!!!! It’s soft, shiny, silky, and even her ends are awesome and not frizzy!!!!! Definitely will be trying more products ! The oils in the conditioner did not activate tons of smoke either when we straightened it like other products … and it instantly turned into this oil infused silky awesomeness ! ( I did paper thing section with the pointed end comb)

  5. Ronda

    I have very dry type 4 hair so the runny consistency is perfect, I wish I could find more leave in conditioners with this consistency. Obviously this product was made for very specific hair types because thicker leave in conditioners are a waste of my time/money because they just sit on top of my hair strands and clump on the top of my coils, my hair hates them. I use shea butter with this to lock in the moisture because the product by it’s self isn’t very moisturizing, I agree with that sentiment. A down side to this product is that it goes very fast because of the consistency is very liquidly and my hair is very coily and thick. My hair isn’t very long, but it’s high in density so, these bottles go by like nothing.


    This leave in is my favorite of all. I have tried many products since going natural, and finally this product works. I apply it and then seal it in with castor oil. Then reapply in about 3 days or as needed. I keep my hair moisturized at all times. And this product is not heavy or grease. It also smells nice.

  7. Simone

    Okay, guys…this stuff is the! I have tried Many leave-ins and let me tell you; Aunt Jackies Quench beats them all! The quality of this product is impressive for the price. After shampooing and DC’ing my hair, I use this combined with Aunt Jackie’s flax seed gel and either braid or twist my hair (2 products, that’s it!). I have used it several times now, and each time my hair is soft and moisturized holding moisture for 4-5 days at a time! I also love that the consistency of this product is “thinner” than other leave ins. I have used Shea Moisture Curl & Define Milk as well as KK Knot Today which are both extremely thick and I have to dilute with water to get it to spread on my hair! Not with Quench! My hair LOVES this! There is another review on here saying that this product is great for high porosity hair, but I am low porosity, and this product works extremely well for me. I say, give it a try! Its cheap enough that if it doesn’t work for you it won’t break the bank, but if it does, you will be so pleased you purchased it! I know I am!

  8. Jadesky

    WOW! First, a bit of background on my hair. I am 100% natural, and I FINALLY learned that I am a High Porosity Chica, which people, learning your porosity is more important than your hair type! Trust me on this. If you are high porosity and use what a low porosity person is using, it will jack up your hair worse than any flat iron ever will. From childhood, even before I blow dried my hair, even my afro puffs would be super dry! ugh. So in came hair porosity. All the stuff I learned about hair type went out the window and luckily this product came into play. People with low porosity hair need: proteinsilicone….Protein is most important.Also aloe and castor oil to help bring the PH down.Luckily, this condish has all of these ingredients and more! For people that it does not work in, your hair may be low porosity, of which something like this would not work well, hence the reviews of this making their hair “brittle and dry” Basically, low porosity does not like protein and that is what happens when you use a product with protein. But for us High Porosity folks, bring it on!! This stuff makes my hair feel like butter! Also, it minimizes the products I have to use. Basically, my regimen to help make my once dry and crackly hair soft and luscious was:Every 3-4 days:Wash with Sulfate free shampooDeep Condish with Silicon Mix (overnight)Rinse in the morning, hand squeeze hair and slap this Aunt Jackies Quench in itPop on tshirt out of showerPut a drop of serum like organix coconut serum (maybe two dime size amounts, my hair is armpit length)Top it with TINY bit of elasta QP silk gelDONE! Whole routine takes 10 minutes at night to wash, pop deep condish in, and then 10 minutes in the morning! BAM! Soft curls, happy hair and the shine!!! whew! :)Hopefully this helps other people with High Porosity Hair! And if anything, remember Protein and Cone’s are a HP persons best friends! Just remember to chelate once a month, and it’s all good!

  9. Rose

    This is the magic formula for no tears (her) and yelling (me). This is the first time that I combed my daughter’s hair and it has been the easiest. I used it as a leave-in conditioner for a mid-week refresher and style change and love the results.I don’t like the cover so I changed it for an easier application and perfect…

  10. Marcie Freeman

    This product is EVERYTHING IT PROMISES. My 6 yr old has long, thick, fine hair. That means that it’s basically like trying to brush a tumbleweed. The child flinches as soon as I pick up the brush. I have 3 different bottles of detangling spray & it’s all worthless. Desperate for a morning that didn’t make me want to pull out my own hair and chop hers off to a pixie, I went to the inter webs for help. A lady on YouTube recommended Aunt Jackie’s Knot on My Watch detangler.This stuff is MAGIC. It’s a leave-in conditioner that is recommended for curly hair, but works on all hair types. It has a pleasant scent. It isn’t greasy, and doesn’t weigh down the hair. And y’all, the TANGLES COME RIGHT OUT. It’s a freaking magic potion or something.Look, I don’t know Aunt Jackie. But given her success with detanglers, I say we should put her in charge of stuff. Big stuff. Like, idk, the water in Flint, Michigan, or Chicago generally, or the Middle East. Aunt Jackie has Problem Solving Skills. I love Aunt Jackie. She is totally invited to any family gathering I host.

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