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Coconut Whipped Creme Leave-In Conditioner, Basic, Fragrance, 16 Fl Oz

(10 customer reviews)

LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER: Coconut water’s natural oils absorb instantly into the hair fiber delivering conditioning oils & vitamins to the inner cuticle while moisturizing & smoothing the outer cuticle.

VITAL MOISTURIZING: Coconut oil delivers vital moisture & nutrients to dry, damaged hair. It conditions while sealing in moisture, smoothing the cuticle & creating smooth, silky, frizz-free hair.

THE RENPURE COLLECTION: Try our full collection of responsibly sourced & ethically produced products for gentle cleansing from head to toe, from nourishing conditioners to dry shampoos to body washes.

GENTLE & NOURISHING: We use gentle, plant-based cleansers with carefully chosen ingredients like tea tree oil, argan oil, shea butter & coconut to create nourishing, safe formulas for our products.

PLANT BASED BEAUTY: We’ve been making plant-based beauty products since day one. Our hair & body care products are free from sulfates, parabens, dyes, gluten, phthalates, propylene glycol & bad vibes.


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10 reviews for Coconut Whipped Creme Leave-In Conditioner, Basic, Fragrance, 16 Fl Oz

  1. Lin

    I use this in conjunction with devacurl styling cream and together they make a magical pair! This alone makes my hair very soft and bouncy and the styling cream provides hold and definition. I have and will always recommended this to my fellow naturally curly girls for sure!

  2. Brandy Edmondson

    I have African American hair 3b. I’ve used this for years. Ingredients are great, but there is a silicone in it– amodimethicone BUT it is one of the last ingredients. This silicone is not as heavy as other cheaper versions and can be washed out using any typical shampoo or even natural shampoo. Silicone gets a bad rap but it helps to smooth my hair (even if it’s not really contributing to the health of my hair) which makes it so much easier to handle and not snag/break/knot. So with that perspective, the silicone has been wonderful for my hair. All of the other ingredients are great. Not protein heavy which is good if your hair is super dry like mine. Lots of palm oil and coconut oil.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Usually don’t write reviews but I realized renpure really deserves it after I compared this product and the coconut gel to deva curl products. Not only is it over half the cost, but it makes my hair softer, more defined, less frizzy, and add a great shine. Plus it does not weigh down hair. This bottle lasted me about a year because it’s so nice and creamy, a little goes a long way.In regards to deva curl, I’m really disappointed and I’ll definitely be returning that stuff and never buying it again, which I’m glad about cuz the cost is pretty outrageous for nothing proprietary or special. It’s a lot of hype for nothing pretty much, your better off saving the money and going with renpure 100%. (BTW they’re not paying me for this review, I just really love the product)I’ve been testing out different products for at least 8 years now, and this is the best cream and gel I’ve ever experienced. And my hair is pretty stubborn and complicated but renpure got me, I’ll be a loyal customer for as long as possible. Thank you for your honesty and great quality product at an affordable price, please never change!! Stay good!!

  4. MissSH

    I was skeptical about purchasing this leave-in conditioner because I have Black American Locs and my daughter has very dry 4c hair. I went through the reviews and also tried to find other people who might have similar hair situations in the reviews, but I only happened to stumble upon 1 in my search. So I am leaving this review for anyone who may have the same hair situations or close to it.First and foremost, this leave-in smells absolutely amazing. Now, most of us have probably experienced products that smell great and don’t work, but this seems to fine so far. So for my hair, I only put it in once because I have not washed it yet. That one application did leave my Locs very soft (they were really dry and not so soft before that) and my scalp felt moisturized and has felt ever since (which was approximately a week and a half which is completely not normal for MY Locs). Anywho, for my daughter’s hair NOTHING has kept her hair moisturized. I never really liked Shea Moisture products (even when I had an Afro before getting my Locs) but I decided to give it a try on my daughter’s hair and it really only “worked” for the first hour or so of it being on. I put this in her hair and her hair was moisturized for the entire day to the point that I could actually still pick her little bitty fro out after it was patted down from her being in her car seat. I do apply the leave-in to her hair daily because at this time she still refuses to sleep with a bonnet or her head so naturally her hair dries back out through out the night of her sleeping wildly in her bed (although not as dry as it used to be before purchasing this). I will have to update this after I freshly wash my Locs and see how it reacts.

  5. J.L. Gonzo

    Okay, so to start this is the FIRST time I’ve had long hair. I’m a Caucasian/Latin mix and have wavy hair near the roots and large coil curls at the ends.I’m not exaggerating the word large as they almost resemble a dreadlock from far but up close they are quite defined coils.Now, I firmly believe my hair is ONLY like this because of THIS PRODUCT!!! Since I’m a first time long hair I haven’t tried many products but I tried a Shea Moisturizer product which is highly recommended both here and from many Internet blogs, websites, etc. and that made my hair greasy looking and I wasn’t too fond of the overwhelming smell. Plus by the end of the day (~8hrs later) my hair was frizzy.I don’t blow dry my hair, never color changed or used crazy amount of products…just gel for styling when it was short.I’ve tried this product while using a microfiber towel wrap to dry leaving on for 10 mins or so, that held frizz at bay but didn’t get the thick coils.The BEST results I get with this product is to put it in while hair is still soaking wet…I pat my hair with a microfiber towel just enough that it’s not dripping water, that’s it. Let it air dry, avoiding windy situations until it dries completely and some times have to use my hands and GENTLY break the mold if I went a little overboard (I personally use 3 x pumps).I know most people don’t like walking around with wet hair for an hour or two but I don’t care much so it works for me.For the price and qty, just can’t beat it. My hair is soft as heck and I get a lot of compliments from female coworkers. They are all shocked when I tell them this is the ONLY thing I use.I’m gonna spring for a Curl friendly conditioner and shampoo (I shampoo about every 4 days or when needed) and hopefully this only helps make this product work even better!By the way, very seldom have knots, this is great at detangling too!!!

  6. Carla

    I hope they don’t stop making this! I have been natural for 8 years and my hair is low porosity 4b-4c African American hair. For the life of me, I could not find the right product for me. I have so many products under my bathroom sink and on my dresser from years of looking for what works. I gave this a try for the first time and OMG! I am in looooooove. I does great with detangling and leaves my hair with sleek, shiny, curly hair.To be fair I use this with vegetable glycerin that I also bought I amazon. My process was wash and air dried my hair (with two strand twist or cornrows). I used this while my hair was damp and it kept it so moisturized. One my hair was completely dry from the wash, I used this again. Even without the vegetable glycerin, it was the BOMB! I only use vegetable glycerin for the benefits of pulling moisture out of air and adding it to me hair naturally since that’s what it’s known for.With other moisturizers, my hair feels dry and brittle a day later and I have to keep adding. This held up for a whole week without me adding more product. I am very very impressed. If they stop this line or product, I will literally go into depression.Enjoy the pictures!

  7. Oleria Underwood

    I love this product from Repure if you have natural hair it will leave your hair feeling soft and more manageable. It helps detangle hair as well. The conditioner has a light fresh scent and doesn’t weight your hair down.

  8. Ashley

    My teen has a spirl perm, & naturally curly hair and this is great super leave in conditioning product. We have tried several and this is our favorite hair conditioning product. He uses this to style his curly hair every morning, and it makes his hair soft and supple so he is able to run his fingers through his hair and get all those nice ringlets of curls. Making his hair soft and curly not frizzy. & because he doesn’t like a too stiff unnatural feel of Gell products. Wants his hair soft and natural.

  9. Pumpkinsgirlfriday

    I have been using renpure products for years. Price and quality have always been very good. I started using this particular renpure leave in conditioner about two years ago. I have ALLOT of very fine waist length hair. If I don’t use a leave in conditioner the midshaft to the ends of my hair get very dry and, fly-away in a bunch of unattractive little whisps. I have tried to use argon oil or straight coconut oil for this purpose. While it works great for a deep condition, that gets washed out, it is just too heavy for my very fine hair as a leave-in. This leave-in by renpure is the perfect amount of moisture, and dosen’t leave me looking like a grease ball. It also doesn’t leave a bunch of cakey greasy buildup.Needless to say, I was a bit worried when I went to reorder my favorite leave-in, and the bottle had changed. In the beauty product world that can mean bad news… especially when you have finally found a product that works for you. I placed my order anyway, and braced myself for changes in my favorite leave-in conditioner. The ingredients list has changes, but not many. The products both smell very similar (heavy on the yummy coconut). The texture, and weight of the product are comparable. The new formula seems to do it’s job just as well for me as the old.I will post a pic of the ingredients lists side by side for those interested. The old formula is the bottle with the teal stripe, and the new formula has a pink stripe.

  10. Erika Goetz

    I have never been able to have long and healthy hair. I am on year 1.5 using this (bottle 3) I use it every day regardless if I process my hair or not. My hair grew about 6 inches( my hair does not grow this long I’ve tried for 4 years prior) and in addition to that my hair is naturally shiny and is full and healthy. I swear by this productIt’s not heavy(you won’t notice it’s in)It’s not greasy and dries nicely in hair(no crunch!)Did I mention it smells amazing!?

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