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Design Essentials Scalp and Skin Care Anti-Itch and Tension Relief

(9 customer reviews)

Anti Itch Hair Oil: Works deep with a penetrating blend of natural oils and nutrients that help calm and soothe any dry, itchy, sore and irritated scalp, especially with braids, locs and protective styles

Reduce Flaking: Dermatologist tested formula features tea tree oil which nourishes and protects the hair and scalp while relieving itching and flaking; Aloe vera calms and soothes while reducing itch and helps prevent breakage

Healthy Hair and Scalp: Our Scalp and Skin Care Anti-Itch and Tension Relief promotes natural hair growth with a fragrance free formula and no dyes, mineral or gluten; Massage into scalp, focusing on affected areas

For All Hair Types: Perfect for women, men, and children with 2A to 4C hair, relaxed strands, and color treated hair; Our Scalp and Skin Care Collection is dermatologist tested, cruelty free and free from mineral oil, gluten, fragrance, and dye

Design Essentials: Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident; With over 30 years experience, trust Design Essentials to empower you to look and feel your best; Every purchase is backed by the Design Essentials guarantee




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Regimen step: Maintain Maintain Maintain Maintain
Why use it? Restores and strengthens to help produce an optimum environment for healthy scalp and hair growth Naturally cleanses and detoxifies scalp/skin without water or shampooing. Perfect for braids or locs. Soothes and stimulates the scalp reducing flaking and promoting hair growth. Perfect for braids, locs, and protective styles. Improves scalp/skin elasticity while moisturizing and hydrating to promote growth
Best for: 2A-4C hair 2A-4C hair 2A-4C hair 2A-4C hair


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Anti-itch & Tension Relief, Detoxifying Tonic, Moisturizing Oil Treatment, Vitamin Drops

9 reviews for Design Essentials Scalp and Skin Care Anti-Itch and Tension Relief

  1. M. Young

    My hairdresser recommended this for me. I have been using this for a couple of months; it keeps my hair free form dandruff. I have natural hair so I don’t perm or relaxer my hair. You don’t have to use a lot so one bottle can last you for 3 maybe 4 months. When you open it, take a pair of scissors to cut the tip, not a big cut though. Overall this product is a great value.

  2. nettlesmith

    I get an itchy scalp from sweat and exercise. It comes on after a long run or workout and doesn’t go away even after I wash my hair. This seems to help soothe the irritation a bit. Plus it smells nice. I put it on after I work out and let it soak in as I get ready for my shower. Probably too greasy to put on clean hair since my hair is thin and fine.

  3. Manna

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     This might be long.I am Black and I keep my hair natural.Late last year, hair at the top of my scalp fell out leaving a short new growth like hair. That part of my scalp also began itching fiercely – like when you have an allergic reaction and break out in hives. But my scalp itself looked healthy – pink, no dandruff, no scaring, and it was not alopecia.I did a product purge, spot checks to see if I had developed an allergic reaction I did not know, bought everything everyone said I should try. I trimmed the area around the spot, so I could check the scalp condition daily. I took almost daily pictures to track any changes in the scalp or hair growth. Nothing worked.After several months (as in recently), I booked an appointment with my doctor. I was mortified telling and showing her that my hair just fell out. I have been seeing her for years so she knows my health history. We decided to get me in for a biopsy as it was close to a year since the hair fell out. It could not be immediately as my state was/is going through a COVID surge.On a lark, after our meeting, I decided to find an oil that might help with the itchiness until I got in to see the specialist. I picked this oil because it was marketed toward Black hair.This oil is a magic or something.I saw the change almost immediately. The itching stopped. Then, I don’t know how, my hair started growing back. I can’t even pinpoint where the hair loss was any more (because I had trimmed the surrounding area short)The first picture is from the the 16th, the day I started using this oilThe second picture is from the 28thThe last is a video from the 7th.I would take another picture to show the progress today, but I just did a wash and put my hair in cornrows 🙂 Which is what inspired me to finally write this gushing review!

  4. SH

    Can you say life saver?!? This stuff is so bomb! It relieves itchy scalp and makes your head feel fresh while you wear any protective style. It doesn’t leave a residue or buildup. I am addicted.

  5. Amanda Casey

    I have pretty severe dermatitis on the nape (back) of my scalp. To the point where I can easily scratch off thick scales multiple times per day. I followed at-home recommendations like olive oil and Head & Shoulders to little to no avail. I found this on Amazon at a VERY good price and thought I’d give it a try. First off, I love the applicator. Cut about 1/4 inch off the tip to open it. Let me tell you, upon applying this to the problem area, results were IMMEDIATE. Instantly, my skin was soft and scaled were easily removed. Hopefully, with continued use the scales will go away completely. The minty smell is stronger than I thought it would be but it isnt overwhelming.

  6. Christie H.

    I love this stuff! This is my 2nd bottle. This oil really makes my scalp feel great and I love the smell. It helps with my psoriasis, which can get really bad. This soothes it. Keeps my scalp and locks moisturized nicely. Which is helpful due to all the color. I’m glad I found it.

  7. Skeptical Customer

    I love how this tingles, as I squirt it onto my dry/itchy scalp spots. It feels like medicine, but it smells more like perfume. I learned from my first bottle of this that, I can conserve it better, by simply letting it run onto my scalp as I squirt the bottle. After a few squirts, my scalp gets fully oiled, and it feels revived, as I rub this stuff into my scalp. My hair gains instant shine as I rub this in, and brush and comb my hair. I don’t use this product everyday, only when my sad scalp cries for relief. This product helped grow back my hair, after I lost some of it while mourning my husband’s death. I still use this now, when my scalp suddenly becomes abnormally itchy. It’s oily, which is of benefit to me, since I have naturally dry, coarse hair, and stressors that literally itch!

  8. Prentiss Davis

    The reason I bought this product to try out was because of the good reviews I had seen. I searched Amazon for a product I can leave in my hair to cleanse moisturize my scalp with out having to wash out. I have used this product by leaving in and washing out. I can definitely say it cleanse and moisturizes either way. I have dreads and prefer not to have to was my hair as often to keep it looking as neat as possible, until I start interlocking. This product has met my expectation and is pretty much as it is described both by seller and other reviews I read from customers. It is a gel consistency, it did not leave any residue it my hair, and it gives you a fresh feeling. By the way I have very course hair and semi-dry scalp.

  9. Jacquie

    Luv this oil! After getting my hair braids, my head itchy and irritated! This product works 💯 I luv this oil completely. Bottle leaked lost a 1/4 of product in one bottle

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