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Detangling Hair Brush for Thick Hair, African American Hair

(10 customer reviews)

About this item

Hair Detangler Brush:Ordinary bristle brushes work against the hair, basically ripping through and pulling out the knotted hair instead of gently separating it! But it’s flexible head with separate bristles can easily detangle curly, wavy, coily, kinky, natural black, thick fine ornormal hair without demage.Very good detangler brush for kids and women.

Hair Brush Wet n Dry: Shower with your hair soaking wet and with conditioner. Cut down your detangling time with better result.

Hair Brush with Long Handle: The users surprised with the brush result they never have and the super comfortable grip the rubber handle gives.

Suitable For Whom: If you have noraml tangle or super coily 3a to 4c african american hair or long curly hair,this is the detangle brush for you.This is the best hair detangler brush for women and kids.

Our Service: If you’re tired of other perfunctory hair care products, this flexible detangling brush won’t disappoint you.24 hours reply,refund or resend if you are not satisfied.


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Black, Green, Pink

10 reviews for Detangling Hair Brush for Thick Hair, African American Hair

  1. K. Brooks

    I have 3b hair and this brush is amazing! I used it several times before I left this review to make sure I really loved it. It stretched my hair and left my hair with no frizz! I was able to completely detangle my bra length hair in maybe 10 minutes. I totally recommend

  2. Amazon Customer

    I appreciated how easy it was to detangle my hair. I typically do not detangle in the shower, but this brush made it easy and best of all, there wasn’t much breakage/shedding. I did get nervous in listening to how the brush makes the constant snapping noise, but mostly because I’m use to that sound being my hair unfortunately. It was a huge time savor and appears to be durable.

  3. Decarlos Kinds

    The design of this brush is strange. If you FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS and brush hair holding brush vertically instead of horizontally to the hair, it easily and painlessly detangles hair and causes curls to pop! I bought 4 over holidays, for all the females in my family. We all have natural hair with varying textures. We all are pleased with it!

  4. Jewel B

    I have VERY THICK 4c hair that is about ear length . It usually takes 15-30 mins to detangle my hair using a comb and a brush of some sort . This brush took me 5-10mins to detangle my hair . Plus my curls pattern was more defined and my hair was easier to manage . I love this brush and will be buying another one for back up !

  5. Chris T.

    My new de-tangling brush. Oh how I love thee. Let me count the ways. My curl pattern is a 4c and this brush does wonders for my curl pattern. I am thoroughly satisfied and not in the least bit disappointed. Need I say more.

  6. NonaMae

    Use while hair is wet with conditioner (leave-in or rinse). Separate into a minimum of 4 sections for best detangling. Then double strand twist each section.

  7. Newme

    Most excellent for detangling my natural African American hair. Unstretched my hair on top is 1½”, pulled straight it’s about 4″ long. I only detangle with the brush when wet as I use conditioner. My hair is fine textured and very kinky, 4c on the crown and a little less kinky elsewhere else.I almost discarded the piece that fans out the brush bristles. Glad I didn’t because that made the difference.

  8. Cary

    Omg! Well yes to this brush. My mother has fine but loads and loads of hair that tangles when the wind blows. I have medium hair hair that’s pretty soft rarely tangles. My sister has thinning but coarse hair…. we all used, walked away detangle with curls popping! Need to buy 2 more of these we will not share

  9. Chasity Elliott

    This was a total time-saver. I have 4C hair in the front 4B in back, not to mention my hair is extremely thick like I need two people to put it in a ponytail thick. I constantly had to cut my hair due to the knots I was getting, and I hated spending 4 to 6 hours doing my hair. I saw this comb talked about all over Facebook but because I’ve seen my mom and Friends order things on Facebook and they never come out right I decided to order it here on Amazon. It now takes me about 2 hours to do my hair oh, I’ve noticed less knots and shampooing and conditioning my hair while using this comb is even like a dream.

  10. Mom Of Two

    I literally just got this brush delivered and I just used it and holy ***t! I’m not even kidding you this brush is amazing. Less than 10 minutes to brush my hair out and almost no pain whatsoever!! (And I say that because I have tight curls after a few days so it’s tough to comb out) but man! I’ve never written a review so fast in my life! Normally after using like the denman brush I have (those red and black ones) it’s still hard to brush through it and I just waited 5 minutes and re brushed my hair and it’s still super easy! Plus the bristles feel great on my scalp! I wish I had found this brush a long time ago! And for the price it’s SOO worth it! Honestly I’m grateful to finally have a brush that makes brushing my hair out so much easier!

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