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Diane, 2" Bobby Pins D452, BLACK, 300 Count

(10 customer reviews)

Rubber tips.

Crimped style.

Reusable storage bin.


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300 Count, 475 Count



10 reviews for Diane, 2″ Bobby Pins D452, BLACK, 300 Count

  1. Meghan

    I’m just now reviewing this product after 5 years. I still have some of the original purchase. These are the best bobby-pins around! It’s about time I buy another tub.

  2. Angie S.

    These are just normal bobby pins. That’s exactly what I wanted. They are not the longer, thicker heavy duty bobby pins, so if that’s what you’re’re looking for you shouldn’t order these!This container was great for us because there are so MANY of them. They were ordered for use on a 7 year old’s hair, and we don’t have to worry if she loses half of them. (Which she does). We’ll order these again when all of ours are lost!! 🙂

  3. jmax

    Wish it was less money but can’t complain

  4. B2727

    This is a great pack of bobby pins. I am always loosing them, so with this pack it takes longer before I have to buy more. It’s also nice they are in a plastic container with a lid – better storage than the usual cardboard sheet they are attached to when you buy them in the typical stores. I’ve had no problem with any of these bobby pins in terms of performance and would say they are basically the same as Goody bobby pins, but better because of the quantity, packaging and price. I will definitely buy them again.

  5. Abby

    ★★★★★ from Abby on May 9, 2016There’s not much to say really, they’re just bobby pins but I like how they’re packaged in the sealable tub and that there’s a lot more than what you’d get if you bought the standard cardboard pack from a drugstore. I haven’t had any issues with them breaking or hurting my head and I know this will definitely last me a long time because when I take them out my hair I just pop them back in the tub to avoid losing them.

  6. Man Young

    As a stay-at-home dad with two young daughters, I need bobby pins — piles and piles of bobby pins. But I also need a sense of virility. I require something that tells the world I make a mean hair bun. Solution: “300-PACK TUB” of bobby pins. This product oozes manliness. It’s for someone who can both charbroil a T-bone and tame flyaways. Recommended.

  7. Emily

    I have always liked these and you cannot beat the price! You can definitely use them over and over they are sturdy.

  8. Ashlee

    They worked exactly like bobby pins are supposed to work

  9. Tiffany L.

    I have a massive amount of Bobby pins now.Great deal.Bought these for a wedding to do my hair and a friend’s, held up great, don’t dig into the scalp.Totally worth it.. and the bucket helps with ease of storage.

  10. Alana’s Mommy

    For me, this purchase was pretty simple. Do I buy a pack of 100 for $2.99 on some paper thing, that eventually becomes a poor way of storage, or do I buy a 300 pack that comes with a tub?I purchased the black ones and they work great. Granted, there is a hairdresser in a review below that disagrees with me and you should definitely take her review to heart, in addition to mine. They’re coated in sort of a rubbery coating and they stay in my hair. I have very fine curls and they work in my hair as well as my daughter’s medium curls. They provide the hold you would expect and appear to be of good quality.

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