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Diane Double Prong Clips 80 Clips, Silver, Pack of 80 (D17) : Hair Clips

(10 customer reviews)

1.75 inches.

Nickel-plated steel.

80 per clamshell.



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175-Inch slide-in double prong, Clips, DOUBLE PRONG

10 reviews for Diane Double Prong Clips 80 Clips, Silver, Pack of 80 (D17) : Hair Clips

  1. BL

    Got these clips to add some volume to my curly hair. They were super affordable compared to some of the name brand ones out there. I loved that there were 80, so if I misplace a few it’s not a big deal. I clip these in my hair at the roots to add some lift while it is drying and then take them out once it is completely dry. It keeps my hair from looking flat at the roots since it is fine and lacks volume naturally.

  2. Melissa Smith

    I’m just a few months into my curly hair journey, and I have tried ev-er-y-thing to try to keep my natural waves from flattening on top of my head. My fine, thin hair just gets weighed down. These are the only clips I’ve found that really hold my hair lifted while it air-dries. I just use 6-8 clips around my crown – there are lots of helpful curly girl video tutorials to help with technique. The result is pretty, natural—looking volume!

  3. Kiki Williams

    Good product for locs and twists

  4. A. Langston

    These are just like the DevaCurl clips, but I get 80 for less than the price of 10.

  5. Amazon Customer

    These clips work so well for what I needed them for. I do pin-up curls before bed with damp hair, wrap my head with a night cap, and then sleep on them and undo them in the morning. I used to use regular Bobby pins for this and they really hurt to sleep on. However these clips don’t hurt because the bottom side of the clip is completely flat and there’s nothing poking at my head when I lay down on them, for the most part. The more clips you have in though the more you will start to feel them as you’re laying on them. As long as I don’t use too many clips for the pin ups then I’m fine. If you’re doing day-time pin up clips, then these will work just as well for that, probably EVEN BETTER! :)I had to laugh out loud at the reviewers who were complaining that one or two clips came in bent. I had a bent clip and all it took was an easy bend back in the right direction and it looked good as new again. Seriously…the things people complain about…

  6. Jess Susan

    Absolutely love these!!! I have very curly, shoulder length hair. I usually always diffuse it and then use a claw clip to try and get some volume, so that I don’t end up with the mushroom look – flat hair and then volume around my ears to bottom of my hair. I now use hair gel, diffuse for a few minutes, and then clip sections up using these clips. I take a small section lift a little and clip it. I keep those clips in while I do makeup, get ready, and drive to work. I’ll take the clips down as I’m nearing work. My hair has been adorably curly and cute. Where have these clips been all my life?????? I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on my hair since using them!

  7. SAinVA

    I love the size of these clips. They are slightly smaller than Deva Curl clips, which in my mind is good. I have lots of fine hair and prefer being able to clip smaller pieces of hair for volume. They work particularly well on the flat spot I have on my crown and at the back of my head.

  8. Raven

    Exactly what I needed to re twist my starter locs. Much less than you would pay in store. No complaints. Would buy again.

  9. Christina Hobson

    These are so handy. I use them at least 3 times a week to help set my hair style. When I curl my hair I used to use bobby pins to hold the curls in place while they cooled and then would brush through my hair with my fingers. But the bobby pins could be difficult to use while holding a curl in place. I found these and it now takes me half the time to do my hair. It is so nice to create a curl and be able to quickly clip it up. They hold the curl well and don’t get tangled too much in my hair as I release the curl. I love these clips! Definitely would recommend!

  10. Emani C.

    They were really good quality, especially for the price! The same quality and kind as at the hair store, but for a bigger bulk quantity. Definitely would recommend. I use then for my locs.

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