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Diane Hair Processing Caps 100 Count : Hair Styling Products : Beauty

(10 customer reviews)

MULTIFUNCTIONAL: These disposable hair caps are perfect for stylists to use at a salon or for men or women to use while treating hair at home or even as a shower cap

HOLDS HAIR: Each durable plastic cap holds hair securely to help conditioner, treatments and dye set into hair without escaping

BULK BUY: One pack comes with 100 single use caps

UNIVERSAL FIT: its soft, elastic band stretches to comfortably fit heads of all sizes

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: If for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, let us know and we’ll replace or refund your order




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30 Count, 100 Count


Red, Hair Processing Caps 100 Pack D722

10 reviews for Diane Hair Processing Caps 100 Count : Hair Styling Products : Beauty

  1. J Lochaby

    I am a retired old coot and do not have enough hair left on my head to worry about…so…I don’t need a shower cap…BUT…One of my hobbies is baking my own bread from scratch. I must confess that when it comes to plastic wrap I am all thumbs. These caps are perfect for covering yeast dough in the proofing and rising processes. They fit my largest proofing bowls, are easy to see through without lifting them and can be punctured so large batches can breath. I am very pleased with this product.Proofing Tip: I proof my dough in the oven with the over turned OFF and the over light turned ON to supply the small amount of heat needed to speed up the process.

  2. Marina

    Great price! I needed more caps and buy them in bulk for two reasons. One would be a root color touch up. It covers my entire head of hair, which is substantial, when clipped up, and keeps me from smudging color accidentally on walls, clothes or anything that I may come in contact with by accident. I also use one sometimes for deep conditioning. It can be used in the shower or if you step outside it. Wash your hair, put in deep conditioner and keep this one your hair, clipped up so all is underneath the cap, for 20 minutes or so. My stylist used to have me sit under a bonnet dryer with one of these for conditioning treatment, but it traps heat in automatically. (You lose heat from your head.) You can tell by the steam and moisture drops that will build up under the cap while you wait. You can also use it to condition for however many minutes while in the shower to avoid rinsing out the conditioner while you shave or whatever. This set will last you a long time!

  3. Jennifer

    I was really surprised, I bought them with low expectations bc this is a low price, especially compared to local retailers. And yet these are just as good as the pricier ones. They are sturdy enough to use multiple times, and they hold my long-ish hair (it goes to the middle of my back) comfortably while still holding all of the strands inside the cap. They also arrived quicker than anticipated. I definitely would recommend these.

  4. J Z

    I really bought this because I needed a shower cap for when I take a bath. I used to wear regular thick shower caps, but the problem is that they always take long to dry and then eventually begin to smell terribly. They’re also relatively expensive, especially when I need to replace my old ones. I use the disposable caps now for a few times before throwing them out (which is about once every two weeks). Since there are 100 caps, this will last me a long time. The plastic is thin, but not fragile or delicate, and the band on the edge gives it a good grip around my head. I have not had any troubles with these caps so far. I also deep condition my hair and these are obviously great for that. The price that Amazon offers is amazing and I was able to get free shipping with it. I highly recommend this product!

  5. Amazon Customer

    I use these to keep my hair dry in the shower on days when I’m not washing my hair, or if I’m doing a conditioning treatment and don’t want it getting all over the place. They’re durable enough to use a few times if you let them dry between uses. Bought these over two years ago and I still have about half left! I understand this creates more waste than a more durable shower cap, but these hold my hair in better than the ones I’ve tried, and they’re great for traveling. Pro tip: if you have a pair of shoes you need to throw in a gym bag or luggage, put a shower cap around the bottom to keep the soles off rest of your stuff!

  6. Ladyhawk

    Do my own hair bleach and color and need a plastic cap for process. These help the products work better. Great to have.

  7. Thruster Deeply

    I am a Chef, and I use these over bowls, plates, dough rising/proofing containers (spray the inside with aerosol baking spray for nonstick), picnic items, leftovers, mis en place trays, and virtually everything for which I used to use plastic wrap. They fit round, square, & rectangular pans, 1/2 hotel pans (and smaller), and every odd shaped container I have tried. It is one of the most convenient tips I can give anyone for working in the kitchen.They also work great for covering a camera to keep it dry, either on or off a tripod, when it is raining or misting (lift the front off of the lens when taking a shot, put it back over it until the next shot)They work well for covering plants and pots to increase humidity, light fixtures when painting, and hundreds of other uses. Stick a few in your car for when you have to jump start a battery or do something else in the rain and you don’t want your head soaked, or grab greasy parts or use a gas can to protect your hands from the grease/stink if you don’t have gloves. Carry a few for doggie doo-doo pickup.Buy the 100 pack (why it’s $6.97, and the 30-pack is $26.68, I’ll never be able to figure out), you’ll find uses for them.

  8. MatriarchOfNerds

    These are much better than I expected. The elastic bands fit tight enough around my head to not allow water in when I use them as a shower cap. I have a normal sized head with short hair, so I was worried because they’re extra large. The band isn’t XL, but the plastic cap part is. I bought these to use as shower cap when I realized my fancy smancy one needed to be washed every couple of days because it would get yucky. Believe it, or not, these cheap plastic ones work better for keeping water out. I love how they’re disposable, too -just toss them when they get yucky. I also like that I can use them for deep conditioning or hair dying.

  9. Kali

    I needed some processing caps for dying my hair, and simply just didn’t feel like going the the beauty supply shop just for a $1 pack of three. I saw this pack of 100 for under $10 and thought it’s worth a try. So glad I ordered these! I thought the pack of three for $1 at the store was a deal, but this 100 pack was a WAY better deal, and they seem to be exactly the same as the ones I’ve been using from the store. They work perfectly for me when dying my hair. I have very long hair, down to my lower back, and it all fits in these caps just fine. I will not have to buy processing caps again for years!

  10. Flowers

    These are great for coloring my hair and not ruining my cute shower caps. They’re are comfortable and keep me from staining things while waiting for hair color to do its thing. Price was great too.

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