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Diane Mini Paddle Brush

(10 customer reviews)

Mini Oval Paddle

Ball-Tipped Nylon Pins

Size: 8 Row




Size:8 Row | Color:Mini Oval Brush

D9061 Mini Oval Paddle Chin Brash Shel.

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5 Row, 8 Row, 10 Row, 11 Row, Ball-Tipped Nylon Pins, Ball-Tipped Wire Pins


Sculpting Brush, Mini Oval Brush, Oval Paddle Brush, Large Cushion Paddle Brush, Oval Cushion Paddle Brush, 1 3/4" Round Brush, 2" Round Brush, Vented Brush

10 reviews for Diane Mini Paddle Brush

  1. myopinioncounts

    Really sturdy bristles, feels substantial. Much nicer than the wet brush. But may tug the hair a little more because the bristles are sturdy.

  2. M. Hannah

    With very fine hair that knots easily, this brush is the best. My hair needs a little conditioner or detangling spray. However, this brush works easily through my hair. No other brush can compare; I have tried dozens in my life. (I am not 51 years old.) I have given this brush to younger girls that hate to have their hair brushed as they have baby fine hair. They have all found it as equally terrific! At this price, the brush is a true winner!

  3. Suzanne R

    Loved these brushes!!! Great price and very pretty in person! I bought these and used paint markers to write the names of my bridesmaids on them. They loved the personalized gift! And used these brushes for the wedding! 🙂

  4. Suzzy Odigie

    Great paddle brush, looks exactly like the picture shown and it’s really big which I like. And it came really quick too, a must get!

  5. br

    Wife said my old wire brush was gross and I couldn’t find a replacement locally. If only it came in a more manly color.

  6. carlos

    Very good product for a very good price

  7. Dorothy Bishop

    Love this had it a while! Way behind on this review.🙃

  8. Hisham Sirry

    The best I ever used

  9. Tati Y.


  10. RobinL


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