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Diane Rake/Rage Comb Bone/Black, 1 Count, Hair detangler, hair brush

(10 customer reviews)

Rake comb
Diane Rake/Rage Comb Bone/Black, 1 Count, Hair detangler, hair brush, detangler, pulls out the knots in your hair, won’t pull your hair, thick hair, thin hair, straight hair, wavy hair, adults and kids, boys and girls, men, women assorted color

Extra long wide teeth

Black OR Bone


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1 pieces, 2 pieces, 6 pieces, 12 pieces


Assorted, Black, Bone

10 reviews for Diane Rake/Rage Comb Bone/Black, 1 Count, Hair detangler, hair brush

  1. Gigi C

    Great for detangling my 4C thick hair. I was a little scared of this comb because of how close the teeth are but this got my hair detangle in 2 seconds. I love it.

  2. lilysmom

    Huge comb! Definitely goes through your hair smoothly. Nice for tangles, a comb through after washing, or for someone who has a head full of hair. Actually it’s more beneficial to my 5 year old for parting and detangling, for me I use it to lift up my roots when styling my fine hair. Claims are accurate. Just expect a HUGE comb!

  3. T. Stewart

    I absolutely love this comb for my natural hair! It detangles with minimum hair breakage/loss and feels amazing on my scalp! I recommend this if you have small children with thick curly hair!

  4. Nonnie

    This comb looks silly, but it is just great for my thick hair. The teeth reach all the way to the scalp. It’s really easy to get a quick, all over comb out. Bonus- Because of the length of the teeth, any loose hair stays in the comb until I remove the handful to throw away. My favorite comb

  5. Amazon Customer

    Currently, my hair is probably 5-6 inches long, and I wear it in a 2-3-inch ‘fro most days. After I have washed and conditioned my hair in the shower, I use this to comb out and shape my ‘fro. I have an arsenal of picks and combs, and this one is the best suited for this task. I highly recommend it for this purpose.

  6. CocoaCaramelBBW

    I got this for him to comb thru his beard. He is AA and his beard is a mix of straight hairs and tightly coiled hairs. It is a year old so its pretty thick and a regular comb cant go deep enough, he said he loves it and it gets out the dead hairs but doesn’t rip out the ones still attached. Its made his beard fluffier as well. Get it, you wont be disappointed.

  7. Devona Ramirez

    I used this type of comb for the first time and it went through my hair very easily. I didn’t feel like I was pulling or yanking at my hair. My hair type is 4C and past my shoulders. I used it on wet hair and blow dried hair.

  8. MJ Martin

    If you have super thick 4c hair, this is the best comb. I have tried every comb on the market for the last 20 years (I am 41) and I am so upset that I never knew about this comb. I put my hair in ponytail and then I slick it back with the Mercer wet brush.

  9. Anikka singleton

    Combs through hair easily without pulling or breaking hairs. Comb has a gloss on it that enables the teeth to glide through hair smoothly. I will probably use this type of comb from now on. No pain!

  10. MsIvy

    This comb works great while detangling with conditioner, prior to dyeing my hair, and detangling with leave-in-conditioner. It’s a strong comb for my 4b/4c hair. I love this comb. More colors will be great.

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