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Esha Absolute Lace Wig Adhesive Glue (Strong Hold): Beauty

(10 customer reviews)

Wig Bond, Wig Adhesive Glue, Lace Wig, Bond Glue

Water & Sweat Resistant, Quick & Clear Drying


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10 reviews for Esha Absolute Lace Wig Adhesive Glue (Strong Hold): Beauty

  1. B

    Best glue out there. I use this for my lace front. Here’s how you’re going to use it to it’s fullest. Prepare the area by cleaning it (I use shampoo). Dry it off and ALLOW THE AREA TO FULLY DRY. Put the glue on the area and spread it around with a Q tip so it’s not too thick. Dry the glue with a hair dryer on medium heat for like 10 seconds (it should turn more transparent than it was white). Repeat the application and drying 2-3x. Place lace front or whatever you’re using on the area. It’ll melt right in. Lay down the edges with a flat edge of some sort. There’s no need to wrap your hair. I keep it like this for weeks at a time. Make sure you BUY THE ESHA WIG GLUE REMOVER or I swear you will not be able to get it off. Alcohol will NOT cut it.

  2. Joe

    This glue I absolutely love, I used it on my Full Lace wig and it is holding it down.I would definitely recommend this product to everyone. I have been sweating and its still a good hold and I haven’t had to reapply glue. I applied 3 layers before I put on my wig and as soon as I put the wig on it stuck to my head immediately. Strong hold, lite scent, dries clear. If you put to much it can glue your hair down if you don’t know what you are doing so be careful. A little goes a long way.

  3. Kindle Customer

    This is the best lace glue . I sweat alot and this glue held up. So far its it’s been a week and it feels as secure as it did when I applied my unit. There is no mess with this glue. It dries fast, clear, and it provides a seemless natural look .

  4. L.D

    Ran across mixed reviews on YouTube. Decided would test for myself. Glad I did, this adhesive is amazing. I was having surgeries and needed something that would keep my lace in place while spending days in the hospital and during bed rest. It works great, easy to use and apply, a little goes a long way. The key is to use light thein layers around the hairline, it will turn bluish as it dries, then clear once dry. I dried the areas with a hand held dryer until almost clear then applied my lace front. Apply pressure a few seconds or tie down with a scarf. Takes about 10 minutes to apply and keeps my lace in place for at least a week. No chemical reactions is a PLUS. I have psoriasis and seborrhic dermatitis so this was my main concern because latex, strong chemicals and also Got2Be entire line flares my face and hairline, to the point I look like I’ve been burned, leaving blisters. I have not had any problems what so ever using this. I have washed my lace and reapplied several times, the tube is still somewhat full. I use a regular lace glue spray remover to dissolve the glue to remove. It lifts off once sprayed within seconds. I use 91% clear alcohol to remove any residue before and after shampooing. Will continue to use, no need to change or use anything else. I’m sold.

  5. Amazon Customer

    What can i say…. OMG i have found the one !!! This lace glue is everything and more.. can i tell u how ive tried every lace glue on the market and none held up to the hype… i sweat a lot and mean A LOT!! Ive sweat off every lace glue i tried. Bold hold sweat off, Cling sweat off, ghost bond sweat off.. i gave up and om lace glue and started to thing something my sweat thats toxic.. i went on youtube and saw the reviews on this Esha glue and i said let me just waste my money again and try this .. let me tell you im in Jamaica on vacay where ita humid and hot af and sweating like hell and I’ve jumped 30ft in 27ft deep water and my wig didnt even shift, went swimming still standing strong . 4 Days strong.. easha please to contact me

  6. Sharon

    If you are one of those ladies out there looking for a lace bond that will take you around the world and bring you back with your lace front still in tight, well search no more.Now like I don’t really leave review so easily but I am only here because I know there are tons of women out there who are in search for the perfect adhesive bond that will keep their wig in position for days, weeks or months like I was but ladies if you are here don’t miss this product.Been searching for the perfect bonding for my wigs since I do wear wig alot and upon seeing reviews here I decided to give a try and behold I am about to order aleast 3 more of these to keep so they don’t run out or quality does not start to change. The glue is life. When I say life I mean it. Just be patient in applying your glue and you will have the most perfect result. It takes a little time to dry out on it’s own or for faster drying air dry it with a hand dryer and when it’s clear and feels stick when you touch it, you are good to go.I noticed even if it does not dry out and you put unit on and tie it, it still works but it’s advisable that you take your time to let it dry out for a neat work. Trust me every lady who wears wig or looking for what product to use on her first wig especially lace front needs this. You will never regret because I can assure you that this is by far the best lace bond I have ever used. I love to party alot, I am that one person who when enter a party I will dance from the beginning of the party to the end and after all the sweating I did last night, I still feel that firmness of my lace.Try it and you will never regret it. You will get your 17 and change worth that you will even say but how can such product be this cheap. Give a try ladies .

  7. Kiawatha

    Esha Absolute does exactly what it promises it will do. Upon application, the product will turn a teal green color and then go to a teal blue color the dryer it becomes. Don’t be alarmed by the color change. This product does dry to a clear finish. Once dry completely dry and tacky, apply lace front. You will have a super hold for about a week and a half. During wear, if you happen to sweat, you will notice the product turning back white again, don’t fret, just allow the product to fry and it will go back clear. Make sure the skin is clean and dry before product application and best hold results and application duration. Make sure you are using a clean lace unit that does not have any residue from previous applications. This is the best product that I have used so far in maintaining my lace front applications. I will continue to use this one. It lasts much longer for me since I wear my wig unit 24/7. Thank you so much for a great product.

  8. Rysylvana2.0

    Everything I’ve heard, read and seen(YouTube) about this lace glue is 100% in point. I actually like it a lot better than Bold Hold.The hold is serious, but gentle.Melts perfectly, and literally takes second to dry before adding another coat or applying the wig.

  9. Jesse

    This stuff is INCREDIBLE. I sing in a band so I need something that will HOLD while I dance, and sweat, I used this for the first time with a brand new wig and it did not budge. it was such a tight hold it made my lace front wig look seemless. I am SO beyond impressed with this purchase! No weird smell. There was a little residue to clean up after wig was set but that could be more user error. Just cleaned it with a make up wipe and a tiny bit of alcohol. I woke up the next day, wig still perfectly in place. When they say this wig glue will hold for long wear they are not kidding. I have not tried to shower yet to confirm its water resistance but after the reviews I watched and saw and seeing the holding power i have no doubt this adhesive is everything it claims to be. VERY happy. I will be repurchasing over and over for sure.

  10. Chantel

    I know there’s some good reviews and bad reviews on this product and I was majorly stuck on the question “is this product worth my money and time” and yes it was! Now I did NOT use alcohol to wipe off the product. Instead I used Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I can honestly say that after the first apply, this wig was not going ANYWHERE! It stuck to me like a lace wig should. Especially since I went to Aruba which was between 80-90 degree weather, this product was well worth the try!! It didn’t start lifting up until day 6, and that’s partly because I failed amazingly at tying my hair down at night but if you take good care of your lace front I think it could last longer.

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