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Esha Lace Wig Adhesive Glue (Strong Hold) + Adhesive Remover Set: Industrial & Scientific

(10 customer reviews)



ESHA Luxury Wig Fashion Lace Wig Bond




1. Shake well. Make sure to remove all oil and make up residues on application area.

2. Apply a thin layer of ESHA LACE BOND evenly around hairline.

3. When the glue becomes tacky (approx. 30 seconds), apply lace wig on application area and press for 1 minute or until firmly in place.

4. Make sure the ESHA LACE BOND glue is dry before applying an additional coat for extra strength.




ESHA Luxury Wig Fashion Lace Wig Bond Remover


Clean Removal, Wig Re-Usable!

Esha Glue Remover was formulated to remove not only Esha Absolute and Esha Firm, but all kinds of hair adhesives.

This fact-acting formula will safely remove any hair unit.

Unlike other bond removers, Esha will completely dissolve the glue.

No glue residue will be leftover!

Your removal process will be spotless and trouble-free. It is gentle on your skin and will rinse off with water. For the best results, wait 3 minutes or until the glue is dissolved and your wig will be off instantly!




1. Gently lift the wig and spray on scalp

2. Massage product in

3. Let sit for 3-5 minutes

4. Wipe off

5. Follow up with a clarifying shampoo to rid leftover residue & Product

6. Repeat if necessary

10 reviews for Esha Lace Wig Adhesive Glue (Strong Hold) + Adhesive Remover Set: Industrial & Scientific

  1. j

    Second Round: the glue only sticks to my hands, arms, pillows, sheets…. at night but not my lace front? I returned the second purchase w/o opening the delivery—so disappointed and let downFirst Round: Wow, where have you been all my life! Works well, quick drying, you get up to a 2.5-3 day hold—sweat and you’re not required to use multiple layers like other messy products. Find a good applicator because your fingers are not going to work and you can use what you already have to remove the adhesive.

  2. hayli Levy

    Boy oh boy . This stuff works well. Use very little . The more u put the worse the hold . The remover had a strong smell and leaves the glue With a weird sticky residue on skin and lace just use 90% rubbing alcohol.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Does it work yes. It’s definitely strong hold and waterproof but, be careful if you get on the actual wig hair itself it’s a pain to get off.

  4. Trinity

    I was sceptical but it turned out to work as it was proclaimed, the only thing is please please.. when removing the glue with the glue remover dont let it drip into your eye it burns, also it has a very powerful smell but non the less the product works great.. ya can thank me later 😁

  5. Queen1

    Initially, I was dismayed when I first received the product because it was so incredibly tiny! I believed that for $26 that the company mistakenly sent me the travel size products. However, after further review I realize that I got the products I was supposed to receive. I went to Bahamas and with able to try the product out. It worked incredibly awesome. I mean it worked really awesome! Not only was I in the hot sun but I also was in the hot tub and in the pool and the waterproofing product held up. At no point did I need to do any type of touchups because at no point did my lace front wig lift. I would most definitely purchase this product again and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a quality glue that is waterproof and sweat proof.

  6. Rese

    I like the strong bond extreme hold glue after shampooing my hair my lace front still had a strong bond this glue is a very good product to use for vacations.I applied three times for a better hold and each time I allowed the glue to dry for 30mins and I have the Esha lace glue removal it also works wonders I would definitely give this glue five stars and I attend to buy with them again.

  7. Jacquelyn D.

    This glue dries clear and has last a week or so, until I used the remover, and is sweat proof. And it doesn’t leave al lot of residue on you’re lace. I love it.

  8. Danyale F

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I had a bad experience with a stylist and the lace adhesive she used 2019 so I decided to try Esha after a few YouTube videos.Since I lost all of my edges I chose to learn how to do this myself. This purchase was NOT regretted! I’ve had this glue and removal since 2019 and I’m just now (2021) about to purchase AGAIN!I see some reviews that say this glue stays white under the lace. I had that issue back in 2019 when I didn’t know what I was doing. I learned quickly that you have to apply it in smooth flat layers and WAAAAIT for it to dry. Rushing and not smoothly applying it will result in a white and sticky MESS.

  9. S

    This glue really does what it says it’s gonna do! I had someone apply this for me the first time and I didn’t like how it held up. Once I took my time and did it correctly it was amazing!!!! Take your time and watch some YouTube videos if you’re unsure but this is DEFINETLY a go! I love it!!

  10. Taylur Donadelle

    So I only gave this 5 stars so that it could be at the top of the review list. This product is very disappointing. I was really excited to use it. Those YouTubers really made it seem like it was amazing. I never even got a chance to use it because it came dried up. I can’t squeeze it out of the tube at all. I tried everything. I cut the bottle open to try and get it out that way & it it was all balled up into one big gulp of glue. Dry and unusable. I feel like I’ve just been scammed. There isn’t even a returning policy. I don’t want this glue and I want my money back.

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