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Evolve Exotics Satin Sunset Bonnet : Beauty

(10 customer reviews)

High quality satin bonnet for nighttime use

Satin material is secured on inside of bonnet to protect your tresses

Satin material helps to maintain moisture, reduce frizz and breakage

Protects natural, relaxed and protective styles

Medium/regular fit




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dark orange, dark orange (2 Pack)

10 reviews for Evolve Exotics Satin Sunset Bonnet : Beauty

  1. Gabriella Smith

    I bought one for my daughter and one for myself. My 3 year old loved it. It works good. Satin on the inside, not so satin on the inside. Never turned my pillow orange like others have complained about, so maybe it is due to the product that you use. I don’t use heavy products in my hair. When I did put a hair mask on my hair, the orange color never transferred anywhere. It is cute and simple. Gets the job done. I like it.

  2. Aleksandra R.

    Manes by mell sent me here and oh how happy i am she did. Growing up in a small country in northern/Eastern Europe i didnt even know I shouldn’t dry comb my curly hair not to mention knowing what a bonnet is. This magic hat has now saved my fragile 2c/3a waves/curls.PS. I have a white pillowcase and the bonnet hasn’t gotten colour on it at all(and no i didnt wash the bonnet after I got it cause that’s my business)

  3. Amazon Customer

    this bonnet is great. it does exactly what I need it to. it’s very comfortable. I read reviews before I bought it because for a little over 3 bucks, you have to know you’re at least getting quality. I saw that a lot of people were complaining of the dye bleeding so I took that into account and ordered it.when I got it, I immediately took it out of the pack and put it in a bowl of warm water with about a 1/4 cup of white vinegar. I soaked it (wrung it out and soaked it over and over) for about 30 minutes then threw it in the dryer. I’ve had this bonnet for about 2 weeks now and it hasn’t bled onto my pillow once. not even a little bit. definitely recommend.

  4. JennyCuppyCake4

    Love using this bonnet to bed. Keeps my curls looking great while I sleep. I toss and turn a lot and the bonnet doesn’t come off and is not tight on my head either. Very pleased and will be ordering more.

  5. Patricia S.

    Mell recommended this sleep cap and it really can’t be beat for the price. I thought it was too cheap to last very long, but I’ve been using it for months and it still stays on all night… the elastic hasn’t worn out as quickly as other (much more expensive) bonnets I’ve bought. The best part is, the bonnet is VERY lightweight so it doesn’t mash down my very fine curls as a heavier, sturdier bonnet does.

  6. A. Petchel

    It fits. It doesn’t fall off at night. It doesn’t stain my white pillowcase. It’s saving my hair from breaking.

  7. Araiyah Lovely

    For $3.49, pretty good! It says satin and when I opened the box I was like…SATIN WHERE?!Only to understand it didn’t mean double sided satin just the Inside which isn’t a problem to me, I just didn’t want to get more frizz because of a product.The elastic band is pretty stretchy not super if I had to rate the stretch on 1-10: 7, I have a big head lol and really thick hair, this is good for me to better help I have 3B-3C hair that’s about 20/22inches long, so my hair just barely fully fits in this bonnet! it doesn’t slip off my head so far. I know it’ll last me a few months though because my hair is really thick. The fabric material itself…thin, which is why I said it’ll last me a FEW months like about 6 months.


    I bought this sleep cap and am so glad I did. Elastic is not too tight but securely stays all night. I sleep on white sheets and none of the color has transferred onto them. I wake up with soft hair that looks just as good as it did the night before. I just pull my hair into a loose bun and slip the cap over it. 30 seconds of effort for a fabulous reward. 2 huge thumbs up!!!

  9. Brenda Glass

    Difficult to put on if you have curlers in your hair because the elastic will only stretch so far. I find that the elastic rides up and you don’t wake up with the turban where you put it. It ends up above your ears and pulling up on the hairline in the back and it tends to work downward on the forehead. But… It absolutely did Keep My Curls intact and when I removed it My Curls were just as bouncy and beautiful as when I put on the cap. So if you can get past the minor difficulties and except where the cap decides to put itself on your head then you will love this because after all, you are trying to make your hair more healthy and keep your curls intact and not all mushed together and frizzy when combed out. I would recommend this very reasonable product to greatly help your hair health and retain your curl

  10. stacey

    This bonnet is nice and roomy. Do not have to worry about it crushing your hair.I think the best thing about this bonnet is that it does not come offwhile you are sleeping. For this reason alone it gets 5 stars from me.This was definitely a great purchase.Another plus for me is that it is not too tight on your head.

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