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Like scalp wigs, grids knots hide skin based shades


Grand Glue Wig Glue for Front Lace Wig Waterproof Glue | Hair Glue Remover | Hair Glue for Lace Wigs | Lace Glue | Lace Front Glue | Lace Wig Glue | Hair Glue for Weave Glue | Hair Bonding Glue: Industrial & Scientific

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✔️ STRONG, LONG-LASTING ADHESION: Our transparent, clear Wig Glue adheres toupees and wigs onto your head naturally just like magic. With a strong adhesion and a tendency to fight against humidity, our Wig Glue will fix your hairpiece steady as it is sweatproof & waterproof. On top of that, it flexibly adapts to the natural movements of the scalp, so you won’t feel any discomfort at all. Plus, it helps your hair piece stay put on your head for as long as 10-15 days!

✔️ 100% ODOR-FREE: Don’t you just hate how icky and foul the average wig glue smells? Imagine how miserable it’d be if you had to be stuck with such a foul scent for hours. Gives you a headache just thinking about it, right? We know how annoying that could be, so we formulated our Wig Glue to be COMPLETELY ODORLESS AND TOXIN-FREE, just for you. So frown no more even with your crepe hair all over your head!

✔️ SKIN-FRIENDLY AND SAFE: Worried that our wig glue might be harmful for your skin? Nope, not ours. We assure you that our formula is 100% safe for anyone to use. Formulated with skin-friendly and safe ingredients like flexible polyurethane prepolymer, our wig glue is completely free of any VOC’s and other toxic chemicals. No alcohol, benzene and toluene: No irritation. So rest assured and feel free to use our wig glue on your skin and scalp.

✔️ EASY APPLICATION: No heat? No problem! Our Wig Glue is super easy to use, so no need for any heat or tools. Just use your fingers gently to apply this clear gel on your scalp. After your hairpiece is fixed, just wipe off the extra residue with a wet towel and you’re good to go. Total piece of cake even for first timers and perfect for special occasions like Halloween, costume parties, and cosplay events.

✔️ WIG GLUE & REMOVER SET: Our Wig Glue combo pack comes with a remover for an easy, quick clean up. Just like our wig glue, our remover is odor-free and extremely safe to use as it is toxin and VOC free. Made from Linseed Oil, our Grand Glue Zerotox Eco Remover will not only remove the wig bond but also protect and moisturize your skin during the cleansing process. Moreover, it can also effectively remove other sticky residues such as spirit gum traces, sticker traces and henna tattoo stickers.




Color:Wig Glue

Grand Glue Wig 1 fl oz & Remover 1.7 fl oz 50ml Kit

How to Use


① Before starting, remove any other substances on your scalp. Start with a clean spot to apply.

② Gently apply a thin layer of the adhesive on the desired area. Attach the wig and press well for 1 minute.

③ If you wish to make the adhesive bond a little faster, carefully apply a small amount of water over the adhesive and it will harden quickly.

④ Once the adhesion is complete, wipe off the unnecessary extra residue with a wet towel, handkerchief or with our remover.

⑤ It takes about up to 3 minutes to adhere and bond. The adhesion lasts about 10-15 days.


※ Do not attempt to abruptly remove it from your skin by force. Doing so may cause harm to your skin.

※ Keep the product standing with the lid facing down to keep it in its best condition.




① Keep out of reach of children.

② For external use only. Do NOT eat or swallow. If swallowed, seek immediate medical attention.

③ Avoid contact with eyes. If the product came in contact with the eyes, wash it away with running water and seek medical attention.

④ Wash the adhesive away with running water if applied to an undesired area of skin.

⑤ This product is flammable. Keep away from fire and do not expose this product to heat above 248°F (120°C).

⑥ Use only as directed. Do not use it for other than its intended purpose.

⑦ Discontinue use immediately and consult a physician if rash, redness or itching occurs.

⑧ This product has the best adhesion under room temperature conditions. For the best results, use it under room temperature.


※ Avoid excessive use of product.


Grand Glue Wig Glue: Fatty acid ester 10%-15%, Polyurethane 85%-89%, Etc 1% / Grand Glue Remover: Linseed Oil 80%-85%, D.I Water 10%-15%, Etc 5%

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Wig Glue, Wig Glue Single Unit

4 reviews for Grand Glue Wig Glue for Front Lace Wig Waterproof Glue | Hair Glue Remover | Hair Glue for Lace Wigs | Lace Glue | Lace Front Glue | Lace Wig Glue | Hair Glue for Weave Glue | Hair Bonding Glue: Industrial & Scientific

  1. Majesty’s muva

    at first when i first applied it it was so neat n simple i was aw naw i spent 20 on this … couple hours later i was like lol to myself sayn “ok then”

  2. Robert Reeves

    Works great

  3. Darline

    All I can say is it’s great it’s not itchy it hold perfectly.

  4. Deaunka D.

    I use it on my lace front wig and it didn’t take much glue

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