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Hair Growth Oil Promote Long Soft Thickens

(10 customer reviews)

About this item

  • Promotes thick, long hair growth
  • Softens and detangles hair
  • Stretches relaxers
  • Concentrated formula
  • Reduces blow-drying time


10 reviews for Hair Growth Oil Promote Long Soft Thickens


    I love this stuff…grows my natural hair and keeps it moisturized

  2. Miss Ann

    So I purchased this item, because my hair was thinning, after the second bottle it seems to be working, but follow the directions!

  3. Doris Jean Sanders

    A must. It works and cost less. When people find out how well it works the expensive hair grow oil will be in less demand. You go wild grow. I will always have two bottles of your product in my constant use. Thank you.

  4. Mis. M.

    The proof is in the pictures!!! This product grew my hair. I didn’t combine it with anything else . I just used it when when my hair felt dry. It brought my hair back and I had a head full of bald spots. They are all gone. Even my edges came back!!! It does what it says it does and I am grateful !!!!

  5. Fefelamour

    I applied the product the day I got it. The next morning..New Growth! I rub a little into my eyebrows which are growth. My growth. Product does what it says and I’m 60+.

  6. Bianca

    This stuff is the TRUTH I been using it off and on but I did a big chop in dec and my hair was noticeably longer after just two weeks. I never liked the smell when I first bought it but since I use it so much I am use to it.

  7. Dylan Duff

    Long story short, a close family relative recently passed due to cancer. I’m a natural red-headed white boy, and I decided i was going to grow the whole foot in length to donate to wigs for kids. This hair formula is currently still on its path and journey through the different hair lengths. I was growing an inch, inch and a quarter every month. Allowing me to make 2 years worth of hair growing into 1. Send some wishes for the kid to get some rocking red hair!! 🙌🏻

  8. Keren-Happuch Ikechi-Konkwo

    I used this oil in a homemade hair growth oil (I mixed it with eucalyptus, JBCO, peppermint, and tea tree oils), and when I tell you THE GROWTH, CHILE. It can also be used for sealing moisture into your quarantine low-tension protective styles or oiling your scalp. Personally, I have used it for the latter. In tandem with proper hair care techniques, this product helps your type 4 hair grow like a weed. I put my type 4 hair into braids and oiled my scalp at least every other day with my mixture (while moisturizing the length of my hair with a grapeseed-almond-oil mixture as a sealant). I would moisturize once daily, and oil my scalp twice a day (sometimes I got lazy), but do not forget to WEAR A BONNET TO BED. This oil is thick and will show up on your sheets! My hair is now two inches longer, and wayyyy thicker, after following this regimen for a full month.

  9. esther

    came on time, accidentally cut my hair taking out braids…time to put this oil to the testi can actually say this product worked, i been doing the inversion method and with this oil, my hair has definitely grown.

  10. Almeta Calhoun

    This product has made my hair grow over 5 inches in the last few months! I think it’s worth the hype! I’ve seen amazingly healthy results. My skin and nails are so beautiful!! My boyfriend uses it on his beard and he loved his results as well! We both love the earthy, natural smell too!

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