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EZBASICS Hair Straightener Brush, 30s Fast PTC Ceramic

(10 customer reviews)

About this item

Straighten your hair efficiently: The EZBASICS high-density teeth hair straightener brush gives your hair a smooth, silky, natural lustrous look by sealing the hair cuticles and reducing split ends. This provides you with a damage-free method to style your hair! With only 30-60 seconds of heat-up time, our hair straightener gets the job done in just a few short minutes and helps you achieve the perfect hairdo efficiently while saving you precious time.

Suitable for many hair types: We offer 6 adjustable heat settings from 275°F to 400°F with easy to use buttons. Adjust these settings to make the straightener suitable for any hair type including: soft, thin, thick, curly, even facial hair! Just simply brush a straightener brush through your hair to smooth away frizz and waves. (It doesn’t work for too short hair and doesn’t have dry power)

Features Intelligent Safety Protection: Our hair brush straightener doesn’t get as hot as straightening iron, so it is less likely to burn or damage your hair or fingers. Plus, the comb will turn off automatically if not use for 20 mins to ensure you and your house’ safety.

Portable & User-Friendly: Straighten hair at home on your own easily at any angle with the 360-degree swivel power cord. It allows you to get close to your scalp without burning yourself In addition, We’ll give you a travel bag, you can take it with you anywhere to get smooth and silky hair in minutes, no matter where you are.

Cleaning: You can clean it by your dry, clean and spare makeup brush.


10 reviews for EZBASICS Hair Straightener Brush, 30s Fast PTC Ceramic

  1. Pam M

    First use—my dry fine Caucasian hair was a mess, I did not intend to go out in public but HAD to. My hair is normally really short (1.5 inches at most pixie) but now have a #Pandemullet with 5″ on the crown. I had been wearing a hair bandeau all day and it was ‘poofy’ to say the least. Set to the second heat setting, it was ready to go in seconds. I was SHOCKED and GRATIFIED at how quickly and gently it got my hair under control. SO much better than a flat iron and no “sticking out straight” bangs. The heat glove is a definite bonus. You won’t be ‘brushing’ this over your hair like a normal brush very much, you use it UNDER sections of your hair and use the glove to smooth the hair over it. By manipulating the brush’s angle, it gave a nice curve to my hair. My hair was smooth, styled and glossy. The best part—the cowlick on the back of my head disappeared with the first pass. That’s never happened before.I’m really anxious to give it a try when my hair is freshly washed and dried (and when it’s back to its normal short style, whenever that finally happens!) I am not sure if it will be as useful then–but it sure is NOW.I wish I’d had one of these years ago when my hair was down my back……

  2. Ginger

    Just as good as more expensive hair tools. This will replace your flat iron and curling wand as well as being healthier for your hair. Don’t spend hundreds on look alike brands. I have a dna hair tool and this is identical

  3. Cassandra C. Gramer

    Okay, I’m super impressed with this. I opted for this straightener brush over the Amika because of the price savings and I was a little concerned over quality. Now that I’ve used this on my thick frizzy hair – I’m SO THRILLED! It feels solid and gave me smooth and frizz free hair! I’m buying one for my sister.

  4. PN Gray

    Purchased as a gift for my aunt who had never styled her own hair before the coronavirus stay at home mandate.It was very easy for her to use after a little practice. The temperature adjustment allowed her to get enough heat to straighten her kinky curly hair .It is designed so she can safely straighten without burning skin or hair. Works Very effectively and easily.

  5. Natisly

    I bought it to try it out and WOW. I don’t straighten my hair often and have very little technique, but this is so easy I was able to do all my hair in 25 minutes!!! For me that’s a miracle I take an hour usually 😁. My results are with no extra product in my hair, and it was not 100% dry either. I am in love now

  6. leigh kov

    I love this hair straightner. It is super easy to use. When you turn it on and set the temp you want the lights blink until its ready, then the light stays on steady. Its not a regular flat plate, or regular bristols like a comb. Your hair goes in between the rounded solid bristols that stick out and it dries and straightens at the same time. I do have very thin hair, so not sure how it would work on thick hair. Great price, super easy to use, and works great on my thin hair. I use it everyday.

  7. K Bey

    Very easy to use! I have fine, very curly hair. Using a flat iron has always made my hair “kink” by my scalp because I couldnt get it close enough without burning myself! This brush/comb straightens my hair without the “flat” hair look. My hair has more volume!

  8. Danny Armengot

    No me gusto. Para pelo risado no funciona, el calor no es suficiente para que el riso estire y las puntas quedan mechada. Talves para pelo lacio podria funcionar, me di cuenta muy tarde y no la pude devolver.

  9. Adam Jedryczka

    Product shipped very quickly. . Great quality and with 3 levels temperature.Indicate the product and seller! I have very thick, pretty curly hair. Usually, if I use a flat iron, it takes about 20 minutes to straighten my hair, more if I’m meticulous about it. Today I used this brush for the first time, and am amazed. I went from curly bed head to straight and shiny in literally 8 minutes. This was my first …

  10. Sacristan

    I love the light weight, fast heating straightener! I have very curly hair that is straightened with ease in about five minutes. It used to take 25 minutes. I have traveled with it and the compactness of this product is a big plus. It can fit in a carryon for quick touch ups.

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