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Natural Hair Growth Oil for Hair Loss Thickness Fast Regrowth

Scalp Oil for Hair Growth: When the scalp is fully balanced in nutrients, the roots are clean and chemical-free, the follicles and hair will grow healthier, thicker and smoother. It is the principle that is acknowledged while we created Kilomets Hair Growth Oil.

An Incredible Hair Regrowth Oil for Men Women: Folliboost, hydrate, nourish the hair, make your hair fuller, strengthening, shiny, reduce hair loss, dryness and get it in shape with Vitamin E and 10+ Vegan ingredients Peppermint, Tea Tree oil …

The True Natural oil that promotes hair growth: Improves scalp health and boosts hair follicles by moisturizing the scalp and improving blood circulation wherever it is applied.

Oil and PH Balance: Supplements natural Keratin for hair to grow and become smoother and less curly. Balance oil secretion and pH on scalp by Lavender Oil, Castor Oil, Olive Oil…

Safe Effective Hair Growth Oils: Suitable for natural hair straight, wavy, wild black African curly proverbz hair; hair damaged from bleach or dye. Enjoy Kilomets Hair grower to feel hair thickening, silky, smoothing, strengthen, shining and increased in length each day.


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