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The Roots Naturelle Virgin Hair Fertilizer Conditioning Treatment

(10 customer reviews)

About this item

RESTORES DRY AND DAMAGED HAIR – Ideal for African American hair types. Deep Conditioner for hair that may have suffered from years of plaiting, heat or chemical treatments.

VIRGIN HAIR FERTILIZER – often referred to as African Hair Fertilizer treats and restores weak, damaged, brittle and dry hair to leave hair looking smooth and healthy.

NATURAL HAIR PRODUCTS – including proteins, vitamins for hair growth, olive oil, shea butter, peppermint oil and sweet almond oil that strengthen hair and reduce breakage.

STYLISTS CHOICE – makes styling easier and leaves hair looking soft, healthy and invigorated. Gives you the confidence to try a wide range of new hairstyles for women.

INGREDIENTS – Contains nutrients, vitamins and proteins that combine to promote hair regrowth for women and men and provide an essential deep conditioning treatment for your hair. This product can be applied to curly hair, weaves, and thinning hair or for people who are worried about hair loss. Safe to use on coloured hair.




A Virgin Hair Fertilizer that really works When you buy a virgin hair fertiliser you’ll want something that works fast and uses natural ingredients to leave your hair looking and feeling great. What makes this product different to other products on the market? Well the answer is simple; this product uses all natural proteins and vitamins that are specifically chosen to strengthen your hair and promote regrowth. Its essential ingredients include olive oil, shea butter, peppermint oil and sweet almond oil. When you open this product and try it for the first time you’ll immediately notice its superior, rich smooth texture. Because the product is simple and easy to apply you will be happy to use it regularly and you will find that it makes your hair a lot easier to manage and style. What do our customers have to say? – “I love this product for many reasons but most of all – it works!” – “I have only recently started using the product and already I can see a marked improvement – my hair feels fuller. Also, other people have started to notice too……. thank you!” – “At last I have found a product that really works and has a lasting effect” We are so confident that you will love this product that we are prepared to offer our Better-Than-Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee. Even if you have used some of the product, if you are not totally delighted with the results, you can return it to us and receive a full refund on your purchase. If you want to benefit from Amazon’s free shipping service, you may want to think about ordering a slightly larger quantity of the product. Order now and choose your preferred Amazon delivery method.

10 reviews for The Roots Naturelle Virgin Hair Fertilizer Conditioning Treatment

  1. Amazon Customer

    I love this conditioner. I was almost bald on top of my head . It also made my hair very soft and de tangled . So I made my own shampoo and used this and within a month my hair has grown over that spot. I will continue to buy this product as long as I can

  2. Daejah

    Best product EVER. Ive seen so many results!! I will ALWAYS buy this product!HOWEVER, the ingredients seemed to have to changed? The first 2 pictures are pictures from the 1st bottle I purchased in April.The last 2 pictures are the back of the bottle I ordered a few days ago. Im afraid to use this new bottle with new ingredients 🙁 please help

  3. maggie conde

    I love it!!!im currently in remission from breast cancer and have o hair,i started using this and my hair is startibg to grow!!and i love the smell!!i highly recommend it!!

  4. Michelle C.

    I bought the shampoo and used it along with this conditioner and was very impressed with how my hair felt after using these products. My comb through was smooth and my twist out turned out amazing! I have natural 4C hair that had some damage from flat ironing and this is one of the best products I have used to date. I will be a repeat customer and highly recommend it!

  5. D.P

    I LOVE THIS STUFF!! I have very dry scalp and irritation is a problem. this stuff makes my hair Shine, very soft and Soothing. I am definitely buying more. I have seen a slight difference in regrowing my hair. I do use this in conjunction with hair vitamins. give this a try.

  6. macnlyn

    This product really works. My hairdresser has been surprised by the amount of new hair growth I’ve had. As a person who suffered from folliculitis, I was surprised that it has nearly cleared up all my folliculitis issues.

  7. nigel

    I’ve been using this product along with Jamaica Black CAstor oil for 2 weeks and the result is amazing

  8. glam girl

    I tried the VIRGIN HAIR FERTILIZER conditioner for the fist time and my itchy scalp says thank you. The product smells good and goes on creamy and smooth. The tingle is immediately felt when I’m in the shower and is felt after leaving the shower. The intens itching of my scalp has decreased. The shedding has decreased. Will order more VIRGIN HAIR FERTILIZER.

  9. ADi

    I like this a lot. I use it as a hair mask leave it on for at least an hour twice a week. I think it may be making my thin hair get more were there wasn’t hair before. My hair dresser asked me what I was using I had so much more hair growth. At my age 50s I didn’t expect new hair growth super happy. Hope this is why…!

  10. Jess

    100% works!! Warning it does feel like Icy Hot on your scalp. The first time it was kind of a shock but it hasn’t bothered me since it has definitely helped my hair grow double what it normally would I usually quiet every other day and I’ll leave it on for about 5 minutes in the shower. And I only use this conditioner with my own shampoo it definitely works and it has definitely helped to heal the damage in my hair

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