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Diane D9705 Straightening Brush, Black : Flattening Irons

(10 customer reviews)

Ceramic straightening brush

Nylon bristles


Ergonomically designed for comfortable control

Soft touch handle


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10 reviews for Diane D9705 Straightening Brush, Black : Flattening Irons

  1. Linda

    I’ve been looking for a replacement for my Chi straightening brush. I ordered the Chi brand at and the bristles were too short. This is exactly what I wanted! I am very happy with this purchase.

  2. Gigibeliz

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     I like this product. Makes flat ironing my thick hair a little bit easier. Check out my YouTube all.things.gigi and watch me use it. It’s not sponsored, just my honest opinion.

  3. Tiffany H

    So this is my first time ever using one. I actually purchased it after watching a YouTube video of a girl flat iroing her kinky straight lace wig. I tried it on a wig I purchased after washing and drying it. I can’t begin to explain how flawless it looked after I was done. I’d definitely recommend this product (I’m a wig super newbie)

  4. Ezrah_le

    HOLH COW!!! I had watch a YouTube video of someone advertising this product and showing how much silkier and straight her hair can be using this brush and so I purchased it and I have to say it makes such a difference when I am straightening my hair+ wigs. .. my hair comes out so much straighter when I flat iron it and it allows more movement with my hair and I am just shocked at how much of a difference this makes when doing my own silk press . And I am 110% sure that if you have coarse hair this brush will make such a difference if you use this and comb through your hair and use a flat iron it will straighten the hair so much more it is crazy ridiculous. In the picture above you can see how silky my hair is and it’s literally because of me using this brush my hair comes out looking super silky super soft and I am just in love!!!!

  5. Mommy3xs

    I use this to chase my hair while pressing it out. Works perfectly and i notice a difference in the way my hair turns out when i chase it with this double sided brush. I love the fact that you can lock the brush in the closed position so it won’t break if it falls.

  6. Beatriz Alvarado

    A friend recommends I get one. And my flat ironing my hair with this brush makes a ton of difference. With a single pass, the strands look shiny and silky smooth. With less heat I can accomplish more.

  7. T. Davis

    Thank God for Amazon. I discovered this hinged straightening brush a few years ago. I would blow dry my natural 3c (almost waist length) hair and this brush made the flat-ironing process SO MUCH easier. I decided to try Amazon after searching all my local beauty supply stores; they no longer carry this tool. I got my new brushes 3 days early, nicely packaged. Good thing I ordered a few. I flat iron my daughter’s hair last night. Needless to say, I gifted her that brush. It is an excellent tool!

  8. Cathy

    I am an African American with curly course hair and a 3c/4a hair texture. Usually when I flat iron my hair, I run a comb through it as I flat iron, and when I do this, it doesn’t get it bone straight. After I used this brush with a blow dryer ti stretch my hair, I also used the brush in place of the comb and ran it through my hair as I flat ironed. I was very happy with the results, as it made my hair silky, bone straight; something I have never experienced when flat ironing my hair myself. I also used it on my sister’s 4c hair and got the same results. I definitely recommend this brush for girls of any hair texture to use. It’s great as a brush to use with a blow dryer and flat iron as well!

  9. Amazon Customer

    If you do the “chase method” and find it a bit difficult to use a comb on yourself…. Try this. I would use a fine tooth comb and found that to be difficult. So I purchased a slim length brushed which was helpful, but the bristles would fall out and then I seen this on YouTube that a young lady was using. I found it here and I LOVE it. It makes the chase method much easier to do on yourself and it has cut my flat ironing time in half. No scraggly ends just a sleek finish. Just make sure you keep those ends trimmed.

  10. Kat Lissa

    Been using it for about 7 months, still is sturdy but some of the pink parts start to come off after long time use. Still usable though and really helps with the chase method for straightening.

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