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Virgin Hair Fertilizer Oil (2 Pack) - Roots and Scalp Treatment for Thinning or Breaking Hair

(10 customer reviews)


10 reviews for Virgin Hair Fertilizer Oil (2 Pack) – Roots and Scalp Treatment for Thinning or Breaking Hair

  1. Tiahara Ford

    Love this product on my 4c natural hair. My balds spots are growing back.

  2. Deucie

    Omg!!!amazing I was impressed I [email protected] several autoimmune diseases which caused me thinning edges, well after using both of these bottles over @ period of 2 months I [email protected] beautiful full edges,it tingles a little but it grew my hair thick and healthy [email protected] another order today.

  3. Sherry Jackson

    Love it, it helped my egedes grow back thicker

  4. alma loftly

    Yes the tingling sensation it give the scalp and it stop the itching. I can also see new growth stubble starting in the area that was bald.

  5. Mztiff111

    I love love love LOVE how it makes my scalp tingle. That’s how you know it’s doing its job.the scent is a bit medicinal but the effects out weight the scent. I might try mixing it with some essential oils

  6. Star

    I love it but it’s the same price as the store prices nearby my house next time imma just go to the store around here cuz it would have been better if it was two for 15 instead of two for 20

  7. zelphia

    I think this is the product I’ve been needing. Due to my traction alopecia I have very thinning edges. I’ve tried it all I promise you, even going to the dermatologist and my family doctor. Nothing prescribed helped. Not even the Jamaican black castor oil and wild hair growth to name a few. After 2 weeks of using this product I’m seeing peach fuzz. Hopefully this is the answer therefore I will continue to purchase.

  8. Shawntai

    I’m currently transitioning from relaxed hair to natural and I didn’t want to do the big chop so I chop as it grows and it’s grew ALOT I like the fact that it moisturize my hair and I don’t need any other added Products. I been using this product for over a month and can see the difference in areas that were once thin like my edges. I recommend this for anyone w/hair lost of thin hair. YOU WONT REGERT IT ‼️

  9. MrsGAShaft0723

    This product has been great for me in the aspect of restoring and regrowing my damaged or breaking hair. I have naturally curly, relaxed hair that has been breaking due to meds & stress.. This product helps my hair regrow in a stronger, faster state. As for the moisture, I believe it has added moisture & shine to my hair as well. I would recommend giving this product a try if you’ve experienced some of the same symptoms with your hair that I have. DISCLAIMER: I’m NOT A MEDICAL OR HAIRCARE PROFESSIONAL. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT AS IS HAIR TYPES, ILLNESSES,ETC. THIS IS SOLELY MY OPINION & EXPERIENCE. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  10. Amazon Customer

    I have this in both liquid and grease. I mix the liquid in my sprays and conditioners. My hair has grown and thickened since I started using. I also bought Chebe paste and mixed it in with the paste. I really do like this product. Will continue to use. My hair lost is at a minimum. My growth is so much better, especially where my hair was thinning.

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