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Wig Head, Mannequin Head, Wig Head With Stand, 22 Inch Canvas Cork Block Maniquins Head With Table Stand For Making Wigs, Wig Head Holder With Clamp Stand Set, T Pins, C Needles, Thread, Tape Measure

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Elaborate Design: Befunny wig head is made of 100% clean cork and dense canvas, professionally designed according to the shape of the human head, you can easily make your unique wig without worrying about wig deformation,very good quality cork canvas block head.

Easy Wig Head to Use: The manicans heads is specially designed for hair stylist or salon or make wigs at home. The standard size mount hole at the bottom of the head allows you to use it on a wig stand tripod or on a table. It can be used everywhere and is very convenient. If you are looking for a durable and reusable professional head, this would be a good choice for you.

Updated Head Features: Combined with user experience with styrofoam wig head, poly filled canvas head and other bad quality cork canvas block wig heads, we have improved the Befunny mannequin heads. Canvas and cork are denser, durable, light weight, waterproof and well-made, no musty, no mold, no dampness, no stains, professional head, not disform. It can stay in good condition for a long time. You can easily fix the hair and fix the wig with pins.

Size: The wig head is designed according to the shape of the human head. There are four sizes to choose from: 21″, 22″, 23″, 24″, please choose your size. Please allow 0.1– 0.3 inch dimensional tolerance.

Installation method: There are mounting holes on the base of the wig heads, which can be used with most wig holders or tripod wig stand on the market. No need to worry.


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